What will my kid be doing at the event (4on4 tournament)?

Kids will be brief before each game by staff and learn 3 important things about each job.

What will be provided at the Kids Tournament?

The following will be provided for each Job at the event: (Props) Kids Player: Kids practice jersey (if needed) Kids Coach: Clipboard and marker will be provided Kids Referee: Referee shirt and whistle will be provided Kids Sports Analyst: Headset will be provided Kids Announcer: Script and microphone will be provided Kids Cameraman: Camera will be provided Kids ScoreKeeper: Scoreboard wil be provided

What is the age of the child for the event?

All kids are welcome Ages 4 and Under (Shootout drills, games and photo booth with props) Ages 5 thru 10 for the 4on4 Tournament

What are Event times (Dallas and St Louis) Book Launch?

Dallas Book Launch time (12pm to 4pm) St. Louis Book Launch time (11pm-3pm) Kids are wecome to come to the event at anytime Only for (4on 4 Tournament) Schedule will be announced once kids sign up Age 5-6. Age 7-8 and Ages 9-10